Inner Peace Holistic Center


Inner Peace Holistic Center is a lifelong location for body, mind and spirit, health and healing, creative expression, relationships, and family. Current offerings include therapy services, coaching, individualized and group yoga, art therapy, animal-assisted interventions, and plant medicine including Kambo and Ayurveda medicine. Our location serves centrally for a large population of New Hampshire citizens and is accessible to our neighbors from the bordering states as well for special events and offerings. There are no locations that offer such a variety of services and healing arts with a concrete highly educated staff of licensed practitioners and healers.

Self-transformation is difficult because it begins with complete surrender. We surrender our expectations and our self-criticism. We surrender to the process. We become patience and perseverance. We are the sky …our thoughts, feelings, and actions are only clouds, temporary obstacles that block our sun from shining its love and warmth on ourselves and others.